3 October 2021

This update brings some awesome changes to text editing, giving you more flexibility when writing. Text sections now support a combination of formats: headers, lists, and paragraphs 👇

As seen in the video above, this makes it easier to write long-form content, as you can quickly change paragraphs to headers.

As well as block formats, the introduction of Inline Text Styles also gives you more control of the spacing and presentation of text. Find out more below:

Inline Text Styles

Now style changes are made based on what you have selected in the editor. That means you can change the appearance of individual paragraphs, or even words. Here's a quick overview:

  • Inline Styles: Change the colour and size of individual words:

  • Spacing and Line-height: Add spacing to any element selected. You can also highlight a group of elements, and adjust the spacing between them:

  • Align Individual Elements: Alignment is also based on what you select - so you can now highlight individual elements such as a single paragraph or header, and give it its own alignment:

Check out this Twitter thread for more details, and how it has come together.