23 September 2021

This release's updates consist of performance and enhancements to the Editor, as well as a new image uploader, and other fixes:

Performance and Core Enhancements

  • Performance increase of 3-4x faster rendering - the rendering performance has been worked on. Heavy components such as sliders, switches and popover menus have been replaced with lightweight, faster rendering versions. The performance increase is most notable on older computers with lower memory

  • Undo and Redo Improvements – Undo and redo have been completely rebuilt to be more responsive and able to track changes much more efficiently.

  • Autosave Improvements – Saving has been re-implemented, saving at more regular intervals.

Image Uploading

  • Image Uploader – An image upload component has now been added to the sidebar. Select an image, and you'll be able to upload from the side panel.

  • Image Importer – An input field has been added to the sidebar to import images directly from an image link.

    Other Updates and Fixes

    • Inlined Email CSS – When exporting emails, the styles are inlined, so they're not lost on different email clients that do not support CSS Stylesheets

    • Fixed Preheader Text Field - Updating the preheader box automatically updates the preheader box on the export newsletter modal (when exporting to SengGrid/HubSpot)

    • Consistent Editing Toolbars – Toolbars now show consistently, regardless of the type of element selected.

    • Progress Toasts – New toast notifications that show the progress of an action (like exporting a letter or sending a test email)