11 September 2020
Bug Fixes
Letter App

This update fixes a handful of bugs and enhancements, including input field validation for Content Import:

What's fixed:

  • Validation on import fields: A check for valid links - is the field empty, is the link not formatted correctly etc:

  • Twitter import: Twitter updated their opengraph settings, so importing tweets was failing. Added a workaround

  • Outgoing links fix: Make outgoing links in the editor 'unclickable' when the Letter is loading

  • Image loading state: Add loading state for image cropper (instead of a blank screen when the image is loading)

  • Unnecessary gallery: Remove gallery option from image toolbar (gallery is not available yet)

  • Publication archive button: added an actual button on the publication archive instead.

  • Editable regions: Prevent the arrow key from moving into uneditable regions.

  • Deselect component issue: Clicking the canvas should deselect the editor - even underneath the action buttons

  • Component menu fix: auto-close the component menu when code editor opens so they don't overlap.

  • Component active state: When import button clicked, set the full component to selected and active state