Letter App
22 November 2020

The upgraded Inspector lets you change properties such as font styles, margin, padding, and colour for any element you've selected. Select an element from the canvas, and the Inspector panel will change to show editable properties for that element. Check it out in this gif (also on Twitter):

The Inspector builds on the Element Selector from the last release. However, as well as seeing the guides for padding and margins, you can now change all these properties 🎉:

Text Styles

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline

  • Line Height

  • Text Colour


  • Margin

  • Padding

In the future, more properties will be added, such as background colour... or anything that's requested. Here's what else is new this release:

Other Improvements and Fixes:

  • Drag and drop fix: order by free components first, to enable free and demo members to easily access free components

  • Close the components menu if the canvas area is clicked

  • Safari freezes when changing tabs sometimes - disable the inspector and editor when the user changes tabs so it no longer can freeze.

  • Replace the code editor in the code inspector panel with a simple text block. No longer need to load an entire editor until the edit code modal is shown.

  • Fix the loading spinner size of the content import button

  • Allow users to select DIV elements in the inspector

  • Undo/Redo on content import breaks on Safari, so removed it for now

  • Inspector: Disable margin inspector for table cells (don't need to alter the margin of tables, only the elements within)

  • Only show the text inspector if the node is a text node