Featured image for Faster Loading Time, Improved Templating System, and Bug Fixes

As well as performance improvements and bug fixes, this update includes a newly improved template system that ensures Letter has much better support for any email template. So if you've got your own template, it will work seamlessly with Letter. Here are all the small updates that make things tick:

  • New template variables makes sure Letter works with templates of any width

  • Faster initial loading time through code splitting

  • Removed unused JS and CSS libraries, reducing overall bundle size from 16mb to 3.6mb

  • Immediately initialize editors so the canvas loads faster

  • Width of draggable components from side menu optimised for any template

  • Smoother toolbar behaviour in the editor for easier writing

  • Prevent toolbars and content import popup overlapping

  • Remove unnecessary database polling

  • Fix for cursor grabbing bug (sometimes the cursor could get stuck as the 'grabbing' pointer)

  • Email notifications when you sign up or purchase Letter

  • Newly added sign up/sign in pages (previously these were only modals, with no direct url)

  • Drag and drop bugs fixed for Safari browser (sometimes, the browser would freeze if you dragged from the wrong part of the drag handle - now resolved)

  • Placeholders for premium components

  • Color picker positioning fixed - previously you couldn't select the left side of the colour picker properly

  • Placeholder text on input fields added in account settings

  • Removed the invite system

  • Recaptcha on registration page

  • Pricing pages are viewable for all including logged out members

  • Webhooks for payments

  • List user invoices in profile

  • Cancel subscription button in billing section

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